hi Guys,

I have a Ledger Nano X, with an existing wallet address with funds in it, which I originally set up without a passphrase. I understand, that I could create a new address, this with a passphrase, attached to a new PIN, protect and transfer my balance there.

However, I would like to know, what happens in the following scenario:

1) Accepted, my old PIN (for the wallet created without a passphrase) reads 1234.

2) Accepted, I decide, set up a passphrase and append it to a new PIN.

3) What would happen, if I “1234” choose as new PIN (d. h. the same as my old PIN)?

a) it would just add a passphrase to my old wallet and save me the trouble, transfer my money?

b) or it would create a new wallet address, under the same PIN, was… would be confusing?

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