I got my ledger two weeks ago. I must say, owning and using it was a frustrating experience. The keys sometimes did not respond immediately after unpacking, when I squeezed it. And the ledger screen itself would occasionally freeze and lock itself, to then restart. Today he got stuck with the screen saver turned on. I unlocked it, by pressing both buttons. It took about 20 Seconds, until it was unlocked, and then he went crazy and kept scrolling right, as if the right button had been pressed. After about 20 In minutes it finally stopped scrolling and now it has stopped responding at all, when I press either button. I completely discharged the batteries and turned the device back on, but it still doesn't respond. The only time, in which the buttons work, is, when I turn on the device. When the device is switched on, both buttons do not work at all.

Does somebody has any idea, how to fix that? I'm really close to it, throw the thing on the wall and regret buying it. I know, my crypto is good and safe, but i can't move it out of my wallet, to sell it (and possibly take profits), unless, i have a ledger, that actually works.

I thank you in advance!

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