Hey all,

Pretty new to crypto and to buy etc. Not sure, whether this is the right place, to ask this.

Whatever, I have tried, a couple of exchanges – Coinbase, Binance, and Coinspot (local Aussie exchanges known to be very user friendly, but expensive with fees and spreads)

I bought some bitcoin from each one. Binance and Coinbase had better rates and fees, but when I transferred to my ledger wallet, the actual Bitcoin Tx fees were very different. I have an example of 2 x Binance, 2 x Coinspot, and given my only Coinbase.

Binance – Tx fee = 0.00230755 BTC (AUD $136.00 )

Tx – [Transaction: 3bcad9e13de1d00247f4ad9424dec252315ad303f879f18a3a219a0a2feba6d8 · Bitcoin Explorer – Blockstream.info](https://blockstream.info/tx/3bcad9e13de1d00247f4ad9424dec252315ad303f879f18a3a219a0a2feba6d8)

Binance – Tx fee = 0.00186825 BTC (AUD $144.00 )

Tx – [Transaction: c2b26a3b41859337c1f926b25232e8d319802387755f02606f665e0129b18359 · Bitcoin Explorer – Blockstream.info](https://blockstream.info/tx/c2b26a3b41859337c1f926b25232e8d319802387755f02606f665e0129b18359)

Coinbase – Tx fee = 0.002301 BTC (AUD $177.00 )

Tx – [Transaction: 2a2fb61684364c5b221119243c77f38c0901695b4437017296eb776406b86e9f · Bitcoin Explorer – Blockstream.info](https://blockstream.info/tx/2a2fb61684364c5b221119243c77f38c0901695b4437017296eb776406b86e9f)

Coinsport – Tx fee = 0.00013009 BTC (AUD $10.00 )

Tx – [Transaction: 661af2ba2c9574addc0ea7c156a69cfe48d1c4febef15902480d1ec8cb7975f9 · Bitcoin Explorer – Blockstream.info](https://blockstream.info/tx/661af2ba2c9574addc0ea7c156a69cfe48d1c4febef15902480d1ec8cb7975f9?expand)

Coinsport – Tx fee = 0.000107 BTC (AUD $7.00 )

Tx – [Transaction: e80f1ae33607802c5959e16dcc99c9f95944cfa31e3750a92fae4cc3dda640ea · Bitcoin Explorer – Blockstream.info](https://blockstream.info/tx/e80f1ae33607802c5959e16dcc99c9f95944cfa31e3750a92fae4cc3dda640ea)

As we can see here, When buying from the so-called better exchanges, the Tx fee is massive compared to the local Aussie exchange. It's almost half the Tx amount.

Can someone, who knows his way around better than me, to explain, what could be the reason. It has something to do with the settings, which every exchange uses, to send to my wallet? If so, is there a possibility, how can I change these settings?

I do not expect instructions, I just want to be pointed in the right direction, if possible.

It seems like, there is no reason, why i should try, Buying BTC anywhere other than Coinspot.

thank you


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