Maybe that's a stupid question, but we assume, that my wife and I both want to store our wallets on separate ledger devices. Can I also use my Nano X as a backup for your Nano X.?

Use case:

My wife and I both set up separate Nano X's. One for her and one for me.

I set up mine with a main wallet for smaller Bitcoin amounts and a separate passphrase protected wallet for larger investments.

She sets up a single wallet for playing around and learning about crypto.

Woman can hardly remember her ATM PIN code and wants to, that I keep a backup of your wallet on my Nano X., in the case, that she screwed something up or forgets her PIN or something.

I am aware, that she can do a restore on her nano with her seeds, but she's not tech-savvy and it would take away some of her fear, if she knew, that I could just plug in my device and access their wallets.

I'm just trying, to get them conveniently with crypto, so that we take baby steps.

All tutorials, I've seen so far, only show the addition of additional wallets, based on the first seeds.

Is it possible, a wallet, generated with different seeds, to keep on the same nano device?

That would be similar to a use case, where someone had several different wallets and wanted to consolidate everything on one device.

also, in a semi-related note: What is the upper limit for wallets, that a Nano X can hold. I know, that there is a limit for apps, but how many different PIN / Passphrase Wallets can be created?

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