sorry for my bad English,
Now, where I've made up my mind, helping new people and spending some time on this subreddit.
Im frozen in shock, how many and how easy is it, To deceive people.

People know, that with crypto u are using ur own bank 100% responsibilitie and nobody can help, if u mess up.

Yet they still don't take the time, to check or google.

I'm amazed, how little effort the scamer need, to get free things because of people's stupidity and greed.

If u excuse me, i found a website, the, when i get my crypto it will send it back, but double the amount, which one send and everything, what it need, is to register by sending crypto #lambo #flatearth # 5gCOVIC19 # jewdeathstar

Wow insane, after i wrote that, start a bunch of people, to send me messages.
Not everyone, but heaps of trading professionals and brokers, they say, that they want to make me rich wow and everything, what I have to do, is giving them my money 💰.
Mann, my thai girlfriend will be happy, when she hears, I'll be rich soon.
I hope, it's okay with her, that I can't pay the car and the rent this month.

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