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Fees don't work the way you think they do.

What Suite shows you for “economic” is the fee _you_ have to pay to move the funds to the exchange.

IOW, if you want to send 1 BTC to be exchanged, you must pay 1.00000535 BTC total.

The offers displayed is how much DAI you get for your 1 BTC. This part is straightforward — you say you sell 1 BTC, the counterparty says they give you 100 DAI for it.

What I think you see as the final fee is what _the exchange_ had to pay to move the specified amount to you. Ethereum fees are frankly quite insane these days, so €15 is very much to be expected.


My Suite screen shows me that I get ~600 DAI for 0.01 BTC. Your Suite, presumably, showed a similar thing.

The question is:

**Did you receive the amount on offer?** Or did you receive some lower amount?

If your DAI account is now at the same number that Suite promised, there's nothing unfair about the whole thing. There was a transaction fee paid, but you **did** get what was promised.

You list the fees in ETH, so that seems that these _did not come from your account._

If you received **less DAI** than the offer suggested, say, €15 worth of DAI less, then that's indeed fishy and such exchange should be avoided.