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1. alright so an “account” is a (public address, private key) pair. Each address has its own corresponding private key. The seed phrase (aka recovery phrase) lives one level *above* this. One seed phrase can generate an infinite number of accounts, and the accounts generated are always the same and come out in the same order for a given seed phrase. This is why you can recover your seed phrase onto a new Ledger and get all of your accounts back, it's because their info is all derived from the seed phrase. And yeah wallet applications help you orchestrate blockchain transactions and use your accounts' private keys to sign messages and transactions… Ideally in a cryptographically secure way (which is what the ledger provides).
2. Yeah the ledger is set up to keep a single seed phrase safely inside of it. using this seed phrase, it can derive all accounts across all blockchains in a deterministic way. (These are called “derivation paths” if you want to google it someday). As to figuring out which account has your money in it, you could possibly have trouble finding your money if you were to put your money into like Account 100 derived from a seed phrase. Luckily Ledger Live is good at protecting you from that, generating your accounts starting at Account 1, and generally trying to stop you from generating Account 2 until you've made some use of Account 1. It's totally possible to put a little bit of money into 1000 accounts all derived from the same seed, and I'm sure there are some tools out there to help you sweep across all of them looking for misplaced funds. In reality though, you're usually working in like Account1, and *maybe* Account 2 and Account 3 if you're feeling adventurous
3. Yep, the Apps are fine to uninstall and reinstall however you see fit. They help the give the ledger instructions on how to derive that specific blockchain's accounts from the securely stored seed phrase and help orchestrate transactions according to the rules of whatever blockchain that app is for. Uninstalling and reinstalling an app doesn't affect your accounts, since the accounts are never *on* the ledger, they're stored in the blockchain. You just re-generate all the account's addresses and private keys on the Ledger when you reinstall the app
4. Yes, Ledger Live does its best to remember your accounts' addresses and watch the state of the blockchain to monitor for updates to that account. It doesn't need the ledger present to do this, since the blockchain is public, and that account's assets are very easy to just query from the blockchain. Of course, you will need the Ledger there to _do_ anything with that account, since all transactions need to be signed within the ledger
5. I think you're referring to venturing out into the web to do use some of the DeFi applications that aren't supported within Ledger Live. This is generally done via Metamask, which provides a straightforward way to defer all the cryptographic signing parts to the ledger. In metamask you just go to the Menu and use the “Connect Hardware Wallet” option and it'll use the Ledger's accounts. This gives you all of the benefits of using Metamask, without ever exposing your seed phrase to a browser extension.

Finally, I want to be very very careful with the wording you used at the end:

> but I still can download them onto my ledger

It's a bad habit to ever think that any kinds of cryptocurrencies live ON the ledger. The ledger has the secret keys backing all of your accounts, but those accounts live *on the blockchain.* You can misplace the ledger, leave it in an airport, whatever. As long as you have that seed phrase written down (ON PAPER by the way, NEVER ON A COMPUTER), you can always set up a new ledger, and have all of your accounts and associated secret keys back just as they were.

Phew 😅Hope this helps!