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Hey Goblin,

If the situation occurs in the future, or even now for that matter, your crypto will not be lost in any capacity. As LividMusic commented, your seed phrase will allow you access to your crypto. Also, this can be achieved using any wallet available in the market, and not limited to the Ellipal brand wallets. This is yet another reason why crypto beats cash. If your bank experiences technical difficulties or they freeze your account, you wouldn’t be able to access your fiat. Also, traveling with any amount over $10K will prompt a U.S. Customs form as well as other financial and legal inconveniences. With Crypto however, we could be anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity (just as is needed to access legacy fiat accounts today) and access our money. As long as you possess your passphrase, and for best protection you have it stored in a cold wallet, your crypto will not be lost. There are other ways to lose your crypto of course. For instance, sending it to an address of a differing token. Luckily for morons like myself, many crypto trading platforms, and hot and cold wallets alike are preventing users from commiting these costly errors. As the industry continues to grow, new threats will arise just as improvements.

Best of luck to you! I wish you excellent health and tremendous success!