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Okay, there's a lot to unpack here. I'll try to answer them in no particular order:

> Is there a way to install a compatible old google chrome extension that will work with an old keepkey firmware?

Answer is yes it is possible. I've done it. See my [KKClient fork here](https://github.com/greatwolf/KKClient)

>Is there a way to revert the firmware back to an older version? How would I go about it and which version do I need to revert to before shapeshift messed it up?

Yes there is a way to revert back to an older firmware. You can do this by using [python-keepkey command-line interface](https://github.com/keepkey/python-keepkey) and downloading an older firmware [release here](https://github.com/keepkey/keepkey-firmware/releases). And then using the command:

python.exe keepkeyctl firmware_update -f firmware.keepkey.bin

First thing, before doing any of this, make sure you have a backup of your seed safe somewhere. In case something goes wrong and the firmware loading wipes your device you don't lose your funds.

Second, even if you do revert back to the old version, I don't think it'll help you solve anything. If I understand correctly your main issue is that you've lost the names of the account label for coins that's in the chrome extension.

That information isn't stored on your KeepKey device. It's actually stored as encrypted metadata using api.blockcypher.com RESTful api database. The key used to encrypt the metadata is derived from the seed in your KeepKey while the metadata is stored with blockypher.com.

Now the problem is that the shapeshift `masterapikey` that the chrome extension uses is defunc'ed. ie. blockcypher is rejecting that `masterapikey` and it's also one of the reasons the chrome app fails to load properly. That `masterapikey` is use to create child apikeys on the fly that's then used to store the encrypted metadata for that particular seed.

But there could still be a silver-lining here. From my testing, even though the shapeshift `masterapikey` no longer works, the child apikeys previously created from that may still be valid. If it is you can manually fish out the encrypted metadata information by making REST request to it using something like apitester.com.

It can be found under ‘Settings' -> ‘Contact Support' called Api Token but to do that you need to get the Chrome App to load successfully in the first place. It's a bit of a catch-22.

But the short of it is, yes it is possible to get Chrome App working again but you'll have to make changes to the extension source to fix the loading issues. For this it'll help if you already know javascript, know how REST request works or already have some development knowledge.