Hello everybody!

I'm at my end 2018 bought a Ledger Nano S., bought a handful of coins and moved them to private wallets. In the crash I have approx. 90% lost its value and somehow forgot about it.

Fast forward a couple of years and had a quick look at my balance portfolio, and I'm almost back to it 100%. I've taken a deeper interest and now wanted to make sure, that I could access my coins.

I forgot my pin and therefore had to use the ledger with the 24 Restore phrases, which in my opinion was successful.

Ledger Manager (and the wallets) on my Mac crashed instantly. So I downloaded Ledger Live and couldn't connect my Nano S..

I've tried a couple of different cables, approved, that they can send data, and still nothing.

I tried another computer, updated the firmware (without success), Ledger Live ran as an administrator and basically followed every step, which is described on the support website. I also read and tried, Instructions in previous posts about similar issues.

I contacted the support, but have not yet received any feedback.

Mac OS 10.14.6
Nano S 1.3.1

Has anyone had this problem before and found a solution for it? Thank-you

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