So I misplaced my recovery phrase (Yes I know..), but still have access to my nano via the pin.

So I was able to, move all my coins except DGB with LedgerLive, but for some reason it won't let me add the DGB account.

I've been back and forth with Bob from support for some time now, but he's gone quietly for a couple of weeks now.
At some point he said, that it is an option, the firmware update (of 1.3) to try and hope, that it won't reset, but that seems pretty risky.

My question is – how probable is it, that the firmware update will reset the nano?
Is that * always * the case or is there a reasonable chance, that there can be an update without a reset?

I kind of hope, that Bob and his staff will be able to, update the DGB app on the nano and I'll be able to, access my account, to move the coins and then create a new 24-word recovery phrase – but maybe in the end I'll have to bite the bullet and hope, that I can update without a reset.

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