Firmware: 2.0.0

1. Uninstalled and reinstalled all of Ledger's coin apps. Take ETH as an example, but that happens with all installed apps.
2. Choose Etherium.
3. Wait 2 Seconds and the app will exit.
4. Open the Etherium app again, Try, to get into the settings, the timeout occurs and you are thrown from the app back to the main menu.
5. The screen saver option is not set on the device.

The only, what has changed, war, that I've updated to the latest firmware. I can't see any options in the main settings window, that would cause this. This only occurs with apps. If you have the main app “Settings” open on the device (hold down both buttons, while on the desktop), stay in the app “Settings” and do not automatically return to the main menu.

Has anyone else had this experience? Are there any solutions??

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