*”Last December (2017) I sent ~ 10 ETHs to my Ledger Nano, but at the moment the Ledger Wallet App doesn't show it (she did that a few months ago). My balance is correctly displayed as a monitored account in the My Ethernet Wallet Chrome extension, the amount is definitely there. I have tried, to send a small amount of ETHs to my nano, and it was displayed almost immediately. I have tried, delete the data in the Chrome app, but without success. Can someone please suggest, where i go from here? Or did I lose a large amount of money? “*

I apologize for that, that I have not reported back, because I had serious health problems, fortunately well on their way, to be solved.

I only discovered it last night, that my “lost ETH” are no longer lost, they are buried in my Ledger Nano S with the vintage MEW dissipation path. I used the new MEW instead of the old Chrome extension, did a search with the old path option and sure enough, after many searches they were there with the original public receiving address.

Of course, Ledger Live still can't see them, but my question is now, I can just go ahead and transfer / sell this originally lost ETH with the same receiving address via MEW or another wallet?

Sincerely yours

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