hi Guys!
I've just set up my Ledger Nano S.. I have a couple of different cryptos, that I want to transfer there. I was wondering, how much crypto can the device hold?

Let me try, to clarify that: I have installed the Cardano app. Paired it with Yoroi. I've loaded my cryptocurrency into the ledger. It took about 1/2 des ledger kb square. If I 3 have more cryptos, that I want to save, the device cannot support all corresponding apps. How can I store more than ~ 2 cryptos in the ledger, given the size of the device 170 kb is? Can I delete one app and install another and then move on, when I have to deal with money?

I apologize for that (I suppose) stupid questions, but i am having a hard time conceiving, that part of the storage! 🙂
Thanks for the time, that you spend on the answer!!! 🙂

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