I'm new to the crypto world and want to post my experience of sending crypto to a ledger from an exchange, to get rid of the foolish idea, that transfers have to be broken down into small pieces.

I agree, that when you use a wallet for the first time, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the process, by trying a small transfer first, or even a couple of times. You have to feel safe, that you understand the process.

After that, it makes absolutely no sense, Split transfers into small pieces. You will be wasting money on withdrawal fees, just to appease an irrational paranoia.

Here is my advice:

1. Practice a few transfers with small sums, by using a cheap currency with low withdrawal fees. (I practiced with Dogecoin.)

2. Get used to the waiting times, that occur after each transfer. (Terrifying at first, but no different from bank-to-bank electronic transfers with fiat currencies).

3. Once you have gone through the process from start to finish and find the procedure simple (whatever it is!)… start transferring individual, large amounts.

4. If you're still paranoid and making dozens of small transfers, maybe you shouldn't even start playing with crypto.

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